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Please get in touch to discuss any item of furniture you require for your business. The most convenient way to discuss your enquiry is by using our live chat facility.


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We supply furniture to clients from a huge range of market sectors and are always keen to build relationships with new designers and manufacturers of good quality contract furniture that represents value for money. Please feel free to get in contact with us today.


Business is about relationships

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to Chester Cornell Limited. We appreciate engaging and collaborating with quality suppliers to help us meet our needs and satisfy our customers.  As a Chester Cornell supplier you would be expected to meet certain key requirements as outlined below.

As a Chester Cornell supplier, you would be expected to provide value-added products and services, which help our business:

Differentiate our products and services

Meet or exceed our customer expectations

What we are looking for

Our supplier relationship needs to help support organic growth, reduce costs, improve productivity and either reduce our working capital demands or increase ours cash flow. If you are selected as a Chester Cornell supplier, you will be expected to demonstrate consistent improvement in each of these areas and to follow very specific guidelines to help deliver lower total cost.

Compliance & Ethics

Our suppliers are also expected to comply with all applicable laws and to conduct business ethically.

We have also developed various business conduct standards for our suppliers in areas such as the environment, workplace health & safety and human resources.

Selecting suppliers to work with us

Supplier Selection

Suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet Chester Cornells requirements including technical capability, product and service quality, innovative product and service improvements, responsiveness, timely and accurate delivery, total cost, financial strength and best overall value.

These are consistent with Chester Cornells own expectations for service to its customers and reflect the spirit of partnership we expect with our suppliers.