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Bolero Square Cigarette Bin

£53.00 exc VAT

The Bolero Square Cigarette Bin is made from robust stainless steel which makes it ideal for outdoor use in any


Bolero Small Cigarette Bin

£37.00 exc VAT

The Bolero Small Cigarette Bin has an attractive stainless steel design, creating a stylish bin for smoking areas in cafes,


Rossignol Outdoor Wall Mounted Ashtray

£66.00 exc VAT

Create convenient and practical smoking areas with the Rossignol Outdoor Wall Mounted Ashtray. This unobtrusive ashtray by Rossignol features a


Bolero Wall Mounted Ashtray

£53.00 exc VAT

Tired of picking up cigarette butts? The Bolero Wall Mounted Ashtray saves you time and money when cleaning up after


Bolero Cylinder Wall Mounted Ashtray

£52.00 exc VAT

This simple tube-style ash tray from Bolero is a space saving solution to control smoking waste. The tall tube can


Bolero Floor Standing Ashtray Pole

£84.00 exc VAT

Keeping your smoking areas free from cigarette waste is easy with the Bolero Floor Standing Smokers Pole. This stylish, freestanding


Olympia Stainless Steel Windproof Ashtray 90mm

£18.00 exc VAT

Prevent ash and cigarette ends from blowing around in the wind with this stainless steel ashtray from Olympia. The large