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Lifestyle Inferno Flame Patio Heater 11kW

£356.00 exc VAT

The vintage style Lifestyle Inferno patio heater boasts a max output of 11kw, a dancing flame, electric ignition and a


Lifestyle Prima Stainless Steel Fire Bowl

£89.00 exc VAT

Keep your customers cosy with Lifestyle’s versatile freestanding stainless steel fire bowl heater. Stainless steel is most widely known for


Lifestyle Chantico Flame Table top Patio Heater

£122.00 exc VAT

Oust the cold outdoors and give your pub garden, dining terrace or bar patio a natural glow with Lifestyle’s Chantico


Lifestyle Sirocco Stainless Steel Table top Heater

£101.00 exc VAT

ith anti-tilt enforcement and an easy Snap-on connector, plus piezo ignition for easy lighting, this stylish Sirocco outdoor heater is